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Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products by Nir Eyal – Summary and Key Takeaways

Hooked Book by Nir Eyal

I can’t decide whether I’m more interested in designing habit forming products or in finding out how to prevent products from forming my habits. Either way, Nir Eyal’s book, Hooked, is a fascinating read. It walks you through the steps that lead to forming new habits around a product using loads of real life examples and also offering a way to approach the inevitable moral questions. What follows is a subjective summary of the book with its key takaways and some of my own thoughts attached. (Emphasis is from me.) Continue reading “Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products by Nir Eyal – Summary and Key Takeaways” »

Why New Year’s Resolutions are a Waste of Time and What You Can Do Instead

Did you set a New Year’s resolution last year? Chances are you did – every second person does, every year -, but you probably don’t even remember what it was by now. Close to 90% of New Years resolutions fail. Why not try something new this time?

Habits are things you do without choosing to them. - Zsolt Babocsai

(Apologies for being so pompous as to quote myself here, but I did search for a good quote on habits, and beside a few ones that you already know, I didn’t find any that captures what I mean, so I had to make my own.)

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Good Carbs Vs Bad Carbs or How Not to Get Diabetes

How little I know about some basic stuff that have tremendous influence on the quality (and length) of my life sometimes amazes me. I’m due for a blood test to determine whether I have diabetes a week from now. In the meantime, I have a chance to learn more about the things that can make me diabetic and conduct some experiments on myself.Blood glucose chart

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How to run a survey with a 95% response rate

Do you ever see those folks standing at a busy part of town holding a questionnaire in their hands? As soon as you spot them, you’re trying to think of a polite and yet firm way to reject them. I often wonder who actually does stop to talk to them. What kind of a response rate do they get? Maybe 10%? Continue reading “How to run a survey with a 95% response rate” »

Minimalism Redefined

Living Room

Minimalism shouldn’t be something to aspire for. It should be our default way of being.

Only, it’s not. Continue reading “Minimalism Redefined” »

The grass is greener in Hungary



We had two options. 1. Risk getting lost in the woods at night without a torch 2. Go down to the main road and take the bus back to where we left the car. Continue reading “The grass is greener in Hungary” »

How travel makes you a better decision maker


For the record, I’m not saying travel makes your decisions better, although it might. What it definitely does is it makes you a better decision maker. Continue reading “How travel makes you a better decision maker” »

How to stay fit and eat healthy while travelling

Costa Rican Vegetarian Dish

Although I was being conscious of staying fit and healthy throughout the 9 months of my travels, I was expecting to gain some extra weight, because I really didn’t hold back when it came to tasting local delicacies (Save the fried worm in Ecuador, but that had little to do with healthy diet and more with disgust.)

When I stood on the scale after getting back home, I was very surprised to see 78kg, the exact same numbers as when I left.

Staying fit and eating healthy can be a challenge if you are living your “ordinary” life at home. Travelling makes it near impossible: you don’t have your own space and access to a kitchen is often limited. Stacking up food makes no sense, buying ingredients for one meal at a time is a hassle. Your routines are broken, you miss out on sleep, it’s difficult to get to a gym so on and on.

So how did I not gain any weight after 9 months of travel without setting foot in a gym once? Continue reading “How to stay fit and eat healthy while travelling” »

9 months, 12 countries and 50,000 km later

It’s been a hell of a trip. I’ve seen, experienced and learned so much that I’d have to write a book to share all of it. Even if I had the time to do so, which I don’t, I’d never be able to tell the whole story. Most of what I’ve seen and learned cannot be put into words or reflected by pictures. But a few bits can. Here is my humble attempt of doing that.

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Travel advice for dummies

Arizona Landscape

I’ve travelled to a new place every other week for the past 9 months. That should make me a seasoned traveller. And it does to a certain extent. Getting to any location by public transport in a city I’ve never been to and whose language I don’t speak doesn’t scare me anymore. I know how to pack light and how to look less like a tourist.

But when it comes to airports, immigration and paper work, I’m useless. I don’t do any research; just get the absolutely essential stuff done if I’m lucky.

If you’re a seasoned traveller, go do something else in the next 5 minutes, this post is not for you (unless you want to have a laugh). But if you’re a dummy at certain aspects of travel like myself, read on.

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I enjoy writing and my ideas to be challenged so I share some of them here.

I don’t know whether free will exists or we’re all just acting out an inconspicuous and devilishly well-written script. What I do know is I have the power to choose how I relate to the world and anything that happens in it. If I ever look like I’ve forgotten that, please remind me. I’ll do the same for you.


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