She looks divine.



I take her hand and raise it gently.

She smiles.



I take her to the dance floor and turn her over with a swift pull.

Her back is close to my chest. I sense the sweet, fresh aroma of her hair.

A few seconds pass as I watch her breathe.




The music bursts into the silence. I move our bodies and she faces me now.

I lead, she follows.



We feel the pulse of the music as it vibrates through our bones.

We feel each other.



Our eyes meet and we both smile.

We are accomplices.



The music speeds up, our steps become shorter and our body gains momentum.

Our feet hardly touch the floor anymore, we hang on each other in the air.



The music reaches its climax, we smile at each other again and the world around us ceases to exist.




We cease to exist too.




There is only dancing.






And then it’s suddenly over.

We laugh out loud.


We both thank each other politely and part ways with a slightly sad smile on our faces.







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