Costa Rica Beach and Chocolate Tour

If the video doesn’t appear, you can watch it here.

I went to the market in Puerto Viejo from Cahuita and found out about a chocolate tasting tour by accident. I visited a couple of amazing beaches and saw how real chocolate is made from bean to bar. And made a video along the way.

It was a sudden idea. Why not make a video as I go to the market in Puerto Viejo? I didn’t even know about the chocolate tour until I got there.

There was no specific purpose to it. Only it was something I’d never done before and now had a chance and inspiration to do.

If you ask me to classify the end result, I’m not too sure what to say. Perhaps it’s a docu-reality if that genre exists at all…

I edited the raw footage to bring it down in length and added some creative commons licensed music, but didn’t play around with colours and effects or anything so it’s “as is”.

I’m well aware of my limitations when it comes to talking into the camera especially in English, but I’m still sharing this because I had so much fun doing it that even if only a fraction of that comes across, some of you will get a laugh out of it. Not to mention learning about how real chocolate is made.

Please let me know your feedback. Feel free to be honest whether you think it’s shit or amazing!

If at least one person likes it and that’s not my mum, I’ll do more 🙂

One more thing, how about doing something today that will push you out of your comfort zone? Go do it! You’ll get a kick out of it, I promise.