Embrace uncertainty

Our brains are hardwired to prefer certainty to uncertainty. We feel safe when the world around us is predictable.

In our professional lives, we prefer the job that offers more security at the expense of freedom, creativity and a sense of purpose.

In our emotional lives, we prefer a bad relationship to being alone, because that gives us the illusion of security. To secure the status quo even more, we make a contract that we call marriage and thus turn our relationship into a business arrangement. In the name of love. For the sake of security.

The inevitable consequences include frustration, unhappiness, low self esteem, underachievement and sickness.

We don’t realize that security is an illusion. A concept we invented. And that anything that is perfectly secure is dead.

In fact, we worship security and derive our source of happiness from it.

For a brief moment, imagine a world, in which uncertainty is embraced.

In this world, people do what they enjoy and spend their time with people they love. They don’t waste their time and energy worrying about what might go wrong in the future. If When it does, they deal with it.

In this world too, innocent children die, young people fall sick, relationships break up, things break down, systems fall apart.

But people are not taken aback when it happens. They know it’s part of the deal.

They know that with the gift of life comes the possibility that it might be taken away at any moment without prior warning.

People have peace with that and don’t spoil the moment worrying about the future. They live life as it comes.

In this imaginary world, they know security is an illusion. They embrace uncertainty and are happy.

Can you imagine that?