Lessons Learned #3/2016

To gauge the likeliness of a future event, look at similar events first, and particulars second. Learn more. 

Question authority and ideas taken for granted by other people. In the end, you are always responsible for the choices you make even if someone tells you otherwise. Inspired by Stanley Milgram

Reduce or eliminate chronic inflammation (the cause of most chronic disease) by:

  • Feeding the gut bacteria right: EAT FIBRE. Protein, carbs and fats get metabolized in the upper gut and don’t make it to the colon where the essential microbiome lives
  • Eat tuermeric, curcumin
  • Eat fish, algy, nuts and seeds, flax seeds for  EPA, DHA (more of the plant based)
  • Exercise (cause acute inflammation that triggers an anti (chronic) inflammatory response)

Inspired by Rhonda Patrick.

End your own suffering by becoming aware of the deepest causes of it and then letting go of them. Take time to sit in silence and break the random chain of thought your mind runs constantly to cultivate that awareness and to be mindful of the present.

Inspired by Buddhism without beliefs.