Are you a wantrepreneur?

I spent my fair share of time being a wantrepreneur. I’d have an idea, work on it secretly for months so that no one could steal it, and I’d eventually decide not to go through with it for some reason. I’d always find a reason…

I don’t do that anymore.

But this video reminded me that there is still room for improvement. Most ideas can be tested and validated within days if not hours. There is no need to give ourselves months to see if something works. Give it a week or a few days.

When we entrepreneurs come up with a product idea, we think we are solving a problem most people have because we have that problem. And sometimes we do.

But we very rarely go beyond our own experiences and ask others whether that problem is real. A powerful way to identify real problems to solve is look at product reviews and see what’s wrong with or what’s missing from existing products.

This way you don’t even need to validate your idea, since people are already paying money for a product that is (in theory) worse than what you are going to build.