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  • The Century of The Self – A Summary, Critique and Practical Lessons

    This documentary is nothing short of astonishing. It gives you an explanation to why the world is the way it is today and how human nature shaped it in the past century. Even if you didn’t learn any new facts from it (you will), it would be worth watching just for the way it connects […]

  • Lessons Learned #5/2016

    Tell people what they are not ready to hear in increments they can handle or they will turn against you. One of the easiest ways of alienating people is telling them what they are not ready to hear. We all have believes that govern our lives. We have built these believes through a lifetime of […]

  • Lessons Learned #4/2016

    The career path of most well known gangsters follow the very same pattern. They start small time and make it to the top through a mix of ability, skill, deliberation and luck. They spend some time on the top ruling their world and acting like a god. In the end, they all come crumbling down. Some die, others […]

  • Choosing What to Think: No Bullshit Meditation

    Do you choose the contents of your awareness? If you pay attention, you’ll quickly realize you don’t. So who or what does then? If you are not in control of what’s in your head, are you in control of anything?

  • Lessons Learned #3/2016

    To gauge the likeliness of a future event, look at similar events first, and particulars second. Learn more.  Question authority and ideas taken for granted by other people. In the end, you are always responsible for the choices you make even if someone tells you otherwise. Inspired by Stanley Milgram Reduce or eliminate chronic inflammation (the cause […]

  • I’m not like most people – Why the blind obedience to authority?

    I’m not like most people. We like to think that don’t we? Especially when most people are depicted as sadistic maniacs, or at the very least, as people who will torture a human being just because someone else says so.

  • Lessons Learned #2/2016

    To live 100+ do low intensity exercise most of your waking hours. Have a purpose for existence. Switch off regularly. Drink little, eat little animal products and mostly plant foods, not too much. Have strong family ties, belong to a community and hang out with people who reinforce all your positive habits.

  • Lessons Learned #1/2016

    I learn new stuff all the time. Some of it I figure out from my own experience, some is inspired by books, movies or personal encounters. Over time, much of this knowledge fades away and is phased out by new ideas I get busy with. I want to change that and be able to internalize […]

  • How to form new habits: a brutally honest follow-up on what worked and what didn’t a year on

    In the fall of 2014, after an intense period of non-stop travel through South and North America, I chose to settle. I had to build up my life systems and routines from scratch. I read a couple of  books on how habits worked and started experimenting. I’d already posted a follow-up a few weeks later, […]

  • How to break the rules and get away with it

    I finished work at 10pm and felt like getting away from the solitude of my computer was becoming a matter of life and death. It was too late to bother anyone with a phone call so I headed straight to a place where I knew I’d find something happening. The space (where you can actually […]

  • Vicky needs a coffee

    I walked past a middle aged man gazing into a café the other day. I was right behind his back, when he suddenly turned around, and shouted „Vicky needs a coffee” right into my left ear. He was obviously talking to his friend on my right and didn’t see me coming.  The woman he was […]

  • A trip to Morocco

    After having lived in some and visited most South American Countries, I thought seeing a bit of Africa would hold no major surprises for me. Like many times before, I was wrong.

  • The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg – Book Summary and Key Takeaways

    RATING: ★★★★ My fascination with habits and how they influence our daily lives started with this book. An interview with the author, Charles Duhigg to be precise. Almost two years later, I thought it was time I actually read the book. I had already been applying many of the principles Duhigg describes in the Power […]

  • How I Quit Smoking – Habit Tweaking Four Weeks On

    Wow! It’s been such an educational four weeks and I have so much to share I don’t even know where to begin…. Let’s start with the big picture and work towards the specifics. A few of the key lessons I’ve learnt to start with:

  • Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products by Nir Eyal – Summary and Key Takeaways

    RATING: ★★★★ I can’t decide whether I’m more interested in designing habit forming products or in finding out how to prevent products from forming my habits. Either way, Nir Eyal’s book, Hooked, is a fascinating read. It walks you through the steps that lead to forming new habits around a product using loads of real […]

  • Why New Year’s Resolutions are a Waste of Time and What You Can Do Instead

    Did you set a New Year’s resolution last year? Chances are you did – every second person does, every year -, but you probably don’t even remember what it was by now. Close to 90% of New Years resolutions fail. Why not try something new this time?

  • Good Carbs Vs Bad Carbs or How Not to Get Diabetes

    How little I know about some basic stuff that have tremendous influence on the quality (and length) of my life sometimes amazes me. I’m due for a blood test to determine whether I have diabetes a week from now. In the meantime, I have a chance to learn more about the things that can make me […]

  • How to run a survey with a 95% response rate

    Do you ever see those folks standing at a busy part of town holding a questionnaire in their hands? As soon as you spot them, you’re trying to think of a polite and yet firm way to reject them. I often wonder who actually does stop to talk to them. What kind of a response […]

  • Minimalism Redefined

    Minimalism shouldn’t be something to aspire for. It should be our default way of being. Only, it’s not.

  • The grass is greener in Hungary

    We had two options. 1. Risk getting lost in the woods at night without a torch 2. Go down to the main road and take the bus back to where we left the car.